Residents picket Hescom office in Karwar

Source: DHNS | Published on 14th September 2018, 5:17 PM | Coastal News |

Karwar, DHNS: Residents of Kadawad and Shirwad in the taluk picketed the Hescom office in the City on Wednesday, condemning frequent power disruption in the villages and surrounding places from last few days.

The villagers enraged over Hescom officials for not taking appropriate measures to solve the issue at the earliest. With frequent cases of power disruption during festivals time, people are unable to make the necessary preparations. Why the Hescom is neglecting the issue, they questioned and added that when the consumers called concerned officials and feeding centres in this regard, some have not responded to them while some have given evasive replies.

Taluk Panchayat member Maruti Naik said, the power-related issue had brought to the notice of concerned department during the general body meetings.

The officials assured of solving problems during meeting,but they will not respond later, he said and demanded the Hescom to take measures to solve the problem.

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