Remember your bond, solve dispute amicably: HC to sisters

Source: PTI | By Arfa Kazia | Published on 30th March 2017, 3:30 PM | Legal Corner |

New Delhi: "Sisters never fight" was the counsel of the Delhi High Court to two siblings embroiled in 25-year-old property dispute as the judges took them down the memory lane reminding them of their bond and asked them to resolve the issue amicably.

Asking the sisters to "build a bridge of trust", the bench sent the matter to the mediation centre for settlement.

It observed that assets and properties were not worth fighting for and family ties were important.

"Sisters never fight.... We think it proper that the two sisters should forget their immediate past and remember early days of their lives when they used to stay together in the same family and try to solve the issue," a bench of Justices B D Ahmed and Ashutosh Kumar said .

Justice Ahmed, who has been elevated as Chief Justice of Jammu and Kashmir High Court and was given a farewell today from here, said "I wish I had more time and could sit and solve it."

The court also observed that the two sisters, who were present during the hearing, were mature enough and wondered why they have been fighting.

"They are sisters and have the same DNA. Why don't they solve it. They should at least sit and give it a try. At some point of time you would have felt like sisters. You have grown up in the same family," the bench said and asked the two women to appear before the Delhi High Court mediation centre on March 31.

The court was hearing an appeal filed by one of the sisters against a single judge's order in the dispute between them over a property which their mother had willed in favour of the other.

The elder sister said that their parents never wanted this dispute to happen and wanted her to look after her younger sibling but somehow things did not work out.

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