Pejawar seer: Will quit if proved I have child

Source: TNN | By Sajjad Qazi | Published on 24th July 2018, 11:35 PM | Coastal News | Don't Miss |

MANGALURU: Pejawar Mutt’s Vishwesha Tirtha Swami on Monday offered to quit the peetha if allegations that he had had a relationship and fathered children were proved.

“These are false allegations. They cannot be proved,” said the senior-most Ashta Mutt seer in a note released from Chennai, declaring he’s ready to face inquiry or tests to prove the charges wrong. The pontiff’s statement follows allegations made in an audio clip by Shiroor Mutt seer Lakshmivara Tirtha that Pejawar ‘ajja’ (grandfather) has children. Electronic channels aired the clip after the death of the Shiroor seer last week.

He said: “The audio clip has accused me of having a relationship with a woman during my youth and that I have a child by name Padma and she’s in Tamil Nadu. In a letter sent purportedly by these people in December, it was alleged I have a son. This proves these are a figment of their imagination.”

The pontiff said he had to touch upon the Shiroor seer’s alleged transgressions because the media sought answers from him on not returning Shiroor mutt’s deities and staying away from the last rites. “This is when I had to explain how the Shiroor seer violated the mutt’s tenets by not following the sanyasa dharma,’’ he stated.

The seer listed earlier transgressions by four mutt seers — Raghuvallabha Tirtha of Palimar Mutt, Manojna Tirtha of Shiroor Mutt, Vishwa Vijaya of Pejawar Mutt, and Vidyabhushana of Subramanya Mutt — who relinquished the peetha after embracing family life. He claimed he had no role in these pontiffs leaving the peetha. “It is ill of others to blame me for their leaving the mutt. Accusing me of giving Raghuvallabha Rs 5 lakh to leave the peetha is preposterous,’’ he said.

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