Online fraud: Woman threatened of kidnap in Mangaluru

Source: S.O. News Service | By Sajjad Qazi | Published on 10th July 2018, 8:15 PM | Coastal News |

Mangaluru: A woman in Ashwathapura in Moodbidri near Mangaluru was threatened to be kidnapped for failing to share her ATM PIN on Sunday.

The woman, in the name of Vijaya Bank manager, received a call on Sunday demanding her ATM PIN.

When the woman questioned the caller as it was a Sunday, a holiday for bank, the caller in turn informed her that he was on extra duty. The woman had almost given her PIN. But, suspecting the caller, she called her bank manager who asked her not to fall for such calls and got her ATM blocked.

Even after the bank manager’s warning, when the woman called the caller back, he threatened to kidnap her if she failed to give him the PIN.

Terrified, the woman disconnected the call. The ‘Truecaller’ app showed that the number belonged to one Gautham.

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