Modi govt trying to damage every institution of India: Yechury

Source: PTI | Published on 31st October 2018, 6:13 PM | National News |

New Delhi: CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yechury Wednesday held the Narendra Modi government responsible for the "current mess" in autonomous institutions of CBI, RBI and others, alleging that the Centre was trying to "damage every single institution of the country". 

He claimed the ruling dispensation was in a desperate bid to transfer blame for its failure to the institutions whose mess has now became public. 

"Judiciary, Parliament, CBI... and now RBI. Modi govt has tried to damage every single institution. Now, this attempt to hold institutions responsible for the mess, is a desperate bid to transfer blame for his utter failure of last 4.5 years," Yechury tweeted. 

The CPI(M) general secretary also accused the Modi government of being "incapable" of handling its own appointees, institutions and crucial matters.

"As even routine governance falters and slips - the Economy slumps further. This govt is incapable of handling its own appointees, institutions and crucial matters," he said on Twitter. 

"These years will go down as among the darkest in our history. Spend Rs 5,000 crore on own publicity and leave a mess," the Left leader added.

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