Mandya: Two dead due to vaccination, seven hospitalised

Source: ENS | By Arfa Kazia | Published on 11th February 2018, 7:07 PM | State News |

Mandya: Panic gripped Channagiri village on Saturday following the death of two infants, who were administered the Penta-1 vaccine on Friday under a mass immunisation drive. Seven others have been hospitalised reportedly after they too were administered the vaccine by the staff of the health department and Asha workers from Hoolau village in a local anganawadi.

The deceased are two-month-olds Preetham and Bhuvan. Believing that Bhuvan had died a natural death, his parents buried him on Friday. Preetham, on the other hand, was rushed to Mandya Institute of Medical Sciences (MIMS) and admitted to its intensive care unit after he took severely ill. He died in the early hours of Saturday. Mandya Central police have registered a case.

As news of the death of the two children spread, parents of other children who had been vaccinated rushed them to hospital for clinical observation.

Dewakar, Deputy Director of the Department of Women and Child Welfare, told Express that the children had undergone a routine health check-up at the anganwadi when they were administered the Penta-1 vaccine.

“One child vomited shortly after and was rushed to the hospital but died en route. Some have been admitted and are under observation,” he said.

Health department Director Nataraj rushed to Mandya and recorded details of the vaccination administered, dose injected, the staff that was engaged and other such details. He told reporters that an expert committee was formed which would look into the cases and submit a detailed report.

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