Makkah tops other regions in number of marriages, divorces

Source: Saudi Gazette | By Muhaimin Sada | Published on 13th April 2017, 12:06 PM | Gulf News |

MAKKAH: The holy city has topped all other regions in the number of marriages and divorces during the past two months, local daily Al-Watan reported on Tuesday quoting sources at the Justice Ministry.
According to the sources, 500 new marriage contracts were signed in Makkah during the months of January and February. There were 94 divorce cases during the same period in the city.
They said the Eastern Province occupied second place with 238 marriage contracts and 23 divorce cases during the same period. Riyadh had 97 marriages and 24 divorces, Asir 25 and five, Najran 23 and three, Qasim 41 and 15, Madinah 86 and 20 and Hail two and two.
The sources said there were 1,014 marriage contracts and 186 divorces in all regions during the first two months of the year.
Osman Al-Sharabie, a Mazoun (marriage official) in Makkah, attributed the rising number of marriages to the keenness of some families to plan weddings during the school summer and mid-year vacations.
He said soft loans offered by charitable organizations have also encouraged young men to get married.
Chairman of Al-Mawadah (cordiality) welfare society Faisal Bin Seifuddin Al-Samnoudi said the organization has a number of programs aimed at enlightening couples planning to get married.
He said the organization has helped enlightened 7,327 families through 48 specialized seminars.
“We train young men and women on family life and provide them with the skills that will enable them to continue their conjugal life,” he said. Samnoudi said the organization awareness services 12 hours a day through a toll free number 920001421.
Head of Islah (reformation) charitable organization Hajed Al-Muhammadi attributed the divorce cases to a number of reasons including wives spending much time on social media.

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