Kundapur: Vigilantes chase and thrash students, warned by police

Source: S.O. News Service | By Arfa Kazia | Published on 12th September 2017, 6:26 PM | Coastal News | Don't Miss |

Kundapur: In yet another case of vigilantism of pro-Hindu organizations, five college students who were on an outing at the Marvanthe beach were allegedly thrashed by them stating that the students were behaving indecently in public on 11th September, Monday.

According to sources, five friends including two Muslim youth, their sister, a Christian and a Hindu girl had traveled to Byndoor from Udupi in a car. The students from Udupi were on an outing at the Maravanthe beach.

However, Activists of Hindu organizations stating that the students had exceeded norms of decorum and decency at the beach, chased them, intercepted their vehicle near Koteshwar bypass road when they were returning back, and thrashed them. The students pleaded the fringe elements to let them go but the activists did not heed to their request.

Soon, the people who had witnessed the conflict between the fringe elements and the students called the police. The police who reached the spot took the students to the police station and after they cross checked everything said by them, the police let them go home.

The fringe elements who had followed the police got angry at this, and said that they had brought the students here after witnessing their indecent behavior at Maravanthe. However, Police circle inspector, Nasir Hussain and circle inspector, Manjappa, took them to task and warned them of legal consequences.

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