Kumta: Dundakulli residents demand underpass on NH-66

Source: S.O. News Service | By Sajjad Qazi | Published on 11th January 2018, 6:01 PM | Coastal News |

Kumta: The Dundakulli residents on Wednesday forced IRB to stop the four-lane highway construction work in the region and asked to fulfill their needs by constructing an underpass for the residents to cross the highway.

They said that Dundakulli is a region where one of its sides is covered with the residential area, while Govt school is located at the other end. In fact, it will be a difficult task for school students to cross the highway to reach their school. Similarly, many other difficulties were explained by the residents. Hence they demanded to fix underpass in the region. They also threatened that the work will not be let to continue in the region until their demand is approved.

As the Information was alerted, Kumta Assistant Commissioner Laxmi Priya arrived at the spot and had discussions with locals and IRB officials in this regard. For a while, the locals and IRB had heated arguments too. CPI Santosh Shetty requested the residents to maintain peace in the region. The memorandum was submitted to AC demanding the needs.

Responding to the demand, AC Laxmi Priya said that the need will be fulfilled after issuing the approved notice from Delhi. The memorandum will be sent to Delhi seeking underpass in the region.

On this occasion, hundreds of locals gathered on the spot.

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