Kota Srinivas Poojary slams govt for neglecting Smart City project

Source: DHNS | Published on 12th August 2018, 3:46 PM | Coastal News |

Mangaluru: Leader of Opposition in Legislative Council Kota Srinivas Poojary has criticised the state government for showing a negligent attitude towards implementing Smart City project.

Speaking to media persons, he said the government has not appointed a managing director for the Smart City Project of Mangaluru city. Though Rs 215 crore has been released, only two works have been taken up at a cost of Rs 43 lakh so far, he claimed. 

Though 102 Shuddha drinking water units were set up in Dakshina Kannada district, 45 units are defunct now. Under Ganga Kalyana Yojane, 395 borewells were sunk in the last four years. In this, electricity connections have not been given to 250 borewells, he charged.

He said that under Vajpayee Nagara Vasathi Yojane, only 170 houses were constructed in 2016-17. The target was to construct 1,785 houses. In 2017-18, the target is 1,407 houses. However, the work on 570 houses has just started, he said. 

He charged that Revenue Minister R V Deshpande has issued a circular to reject all the applications filed under 94C, 94CC, of those who have built houses on forest, Kumki, Gomala and CRZ areas. The circular should be withdrawn immediately. “The circular denies title deeds to lakhs of poor people who have built houses on the forest, Kumki and Gomala land," he claimed.

In Dakshina Kannada district alone, 98,593 applications were submitted under 94C to regularise the land. In this, 41,981 applications have been rejected. Title deeds have been issued to 41,000 people. Under 94CC, the authorities have received 36,689 applications and in this, 10,007 applications have been rejected. Title deeds have been issued to 16,585 applicants, he said. 

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