Jamaat-e-Islami Hind questions silence of Indian govt on Rohingya Muslims

Source: PressRelease | Published on 9th September 2017, 6:44 PM | National News |

Jamaat says murder of journalist Lankesh is direct assault on freedom of press and grave threat to democracy

Welcomes SC directive to all states to appoint nodal officer to deal with ‘cow vigilantism’

New Delhi: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) wants the Government of India to play a more meaningful role in helping the oppressed Rohingya Muslims who are being massacred in Burma. Addressing the monthly press meet of Jamaat at its headquarters, the President of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari said: “We wish to remind the Government of India to talk to the Burmese Government on the Rohingya problem and pressurize them to restore the constitutional and citizenship rights of the Rohingya Muslims. We appeal to the Indian government to continue allowing the Rohingya Muslims who have taken refuge in India to stay in India as refugees till as time their constitutional and citizenship rights are restored in Myanmar. We also appeal to the international community to come forward to supply food, accommodation kits and other necessary equipment to the needy Rohingya refugees and also commit financial aid in this regard’’. Answering a query regarding the recent visit of the Indian Prime Minister to Burma, JIH Vice President, Nusrat Ali said: “India’s representative abstained from voting in favor of a declaration adopted at an international conference in Indonesia as it carried a reference to violence against Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine state of Myanmar. This shows the position of the government. But we feel that India should use its influence over Myanmar to stop the violence on the Rohingyas. India’s silence on such a humanitarian catastrophe is quite puzzling.’’

On the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh in Bengaluru the Secretary General JIH – Muhammad Salim Engineer said: “Her murder bears resemblance to the murders committed earlier of rationalists Dabholkar, Pansare and Kalburgi and her killing is an attempt to stifle those voices of dissent that advocate justice and condemn fascism. The murder has been committed to send a chilling message to all journalists on the line of duty that if they try to take on those who are building a climate of violence, bigotry and hate, then they will also meet a similar fate. This murder is thus a direct assault on the freedom of the press and all those who believe and support the freedom of expression. The cowardly attack is a grave threat to democracy and the rule of law in our country. Jamaat offers its condolences to her family and demands that all efforts be made to catch the culprits and award them strictest possible punishment’’.

Salim Engineer also welcomed the recent directive by the Supreme Court of India to all states to appoint a senior police officer as the nodal officer in each district to effectively deal with the issue of cow vigilantism. “This directive is testimony to the fact that the states have failed to deal with the menace of violence and mob-lynching in the name of gauraksha. We hope this will now act as a deterrent to those who take law in their own hands as the states will now play a more proactive role in preventing the harassment of its citizens under the guise of cow protection,” said the Secretary General of Jamaat.

On the recently published report about the riot affected people of Muzaffarnagar JIH Vice President Nusrat Ali said: “we are aware that many victims have not received the compensation due to them and court proceedings could not commence against those who were listed under FIRs. Jamaat team is working on this issue and shall pursue the matter rigorously”.


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