Helmet rule being implemented in letter and spirit in Karwar

Source: DHNS | Published on 12th September 2018, 8:52 AM | Coastal News |
  • Banners put up in city to create awareness

Karwar: Traffic Police of Karwar have launched a drive for road safety. It has been creating awareness among people by putting up banners in selected spots urging people to wear helmets for safety.

As per the government notification issued on December 31, 2015 and Karnataka Motor Vehicle Rules 1989 (Rule 230 Subrule (1)), every person while driving or riding a motorcycle of any type in the limits of Karnataka has to wear a headgear (helmet). But the rule had not been implemented in letter and spirit in Karwar. To implement the helmet rule strictly, the traffic police of Karwar is taking many measures.

Speaking to DH about the helmet rule implementation in Karwar, Traffic station PSI Vinayak Billava said that as a first step towards encouraging vehicle riders to wear a helmet, they have put up banners which reads ‘Helmet compulsory in Karwar city’. Some time will be given to the people to follow the rule. After Ganesh festival, the police will swing into action and ensure that every driver wears a helmet.

“People must realise that they are not just following a government rule by wearing a helmet but paying attention towards self-safety. Some people argue that there is no need to wear a helmet in a city like Karwar. But an accident can take place at any spot and no one can anticipate where it will take place. So it is better to take precautionary measures and wear helmets”, he said.

He added that initially, senior citizens not wearing helmets will be explained the importance of wearing them while youths will be fined. But repeated violations will lead to strict action.

10 rickshaws fined:

PSI Vinayak said that last week, they seized ten vehicles carrying school students as the autos were violating rules by ferrying an excess number of students. These autos were fined and the drivers were warned of a permanent seizure of vehicles in case of repeated violations.

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