Mangaluru: Fishermen warn of staging protest

Source: DHNS | Published on 10th February 2019, 7:13 PM | Coastal News |

Mangaluru: Malpe Fishermen's Association president Sathish Kunder has warned of staging a massive protest against the state and the Central government, if the authorities fail to inform about the whereabouts of the missing fishing boat Suvarna Thribhuja and seven fishermen, within a week.

He said the fishing boat went missing 56 days ago and the officials from Coast Guard and Navy have failed to trace it so far. The authorities have accepted that a ship was damaged on the day Suvarna Thribhuja went missing. Now, the police and officials claim that wreckage found off Ratnagiri coast in Maharashtra was not the wreckage of missing Suvarna Thribhuja boat, but it was a 22 metre-long seabed stone. “We feel that there is something fishy in it,” Kunder said in a press release.

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