Farmers picket Pala co-operative society seeking crop loans

Source: DHNS | By Mohammed Ismail | Published on 13th June 2018, 10:44 AM | Coastal News |

Mundagod: Hundreds of farmers protested in front of Primary Credit Co-operative Society, in Pala village, of the taluk, on Wednesday, demanding allotment of crop loans.

Farmers charged that authorities were troubling farmers by not providing crop loans that is essential before taking up sowing activity. Farmers need loan as agriculture activities are on in full swing. But society authorities are hesitating to sanction the loan, they said.

Last year, the State government had waived off Rs 50,000 farm loan availed by farmers.

A total of Rs 237crore loan was waived off. But the government has yet paid the amount to Kanara District Central Co-operative Bank. Hence, societies are finding it difficult to sanction loan this year, authorities said.

“Till now loan has been approved to few farmers, The farmers have not been give more than 85% loan. If loans cannot be provided, share amount of farmers in the co-operative society should be returned, farmer leader Mahesh Hosagoppa said.

“We shall pay farm loan as soon as possible. It has been delayed due to technical problems, Farmers should co-operate, KDCC Bank Manager Lakshminarayan Hegde said.

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