Dredging begins at Karwar port

Source: Indian Express | By Shahid Mukhtesar | Published on 12th January 2018, 2:33 AM | Coastal News |

Karwar (NIE): After six years, dredging work has been initiated at Karwar commercial port to facilitate big vessels to call at the port. As many as 40 per cent depth of the ship channel was silted with huge quantity of mud and it had become difficult for the movement of fully loaded vessels near the port.

From last couple of years, huge quantity of silt accumulated in the channel, where ships come to the port. The ships were not able to carry more than 10 metric tonnes of cargo in the channel and also fully loaded ships were not coming to the port due to silt problem. To put a temporary end to silt problem, previous year the state government had called tender for dredging at the cost of Rs 33 crore.

The tender was given to Chennai-based International Seaport Dredging Private Limited (ISD) company and the company has started dredging work from last one week in Karwar port. As of now four dredger vessels have deployed to desilt and another dredger will be deployed at Karwar port within a week, said sources. Earlier there was 9.7 metre depth at ship channel in the port and now it has reduced to 5.5 metre which is difficult for fully-loaded cargo ships. After completion of dredging work, the depth will increase to 8.5 metre. The ISD will remove as many as 1.7 million cubic metre silt by the end of dredging work. This will facilitate the easy movement of big cargo ships at the port.

Captain Arun Gaonkar, Karwar Port Officer said, all kind of cargo ships have been coming to Karwar port, but it was difficult for fully loaded cargo ships. Therefore the state government had called for the tender for Rs 33 crore and work has begun now. The ISD has taken up dredging of 400 metre berth at the port, 500 metre turning circle and 1.5 km approaching channel.

After the dredging, the dredgers will dump the silt at a point which is recommended by Pune-based Central Water and Power Research Station (CWPRS), and the dumping point is about 50-60 nautical mile away from Karwar port. The dredging work is expected to finish by the end of February, he added.

Second phase of development works

For the overall development of the port, Karwar port authority has chalked out plans of second phase of development works and the proposal sent to state government. If everything goes according to the plan, new jetty of 1000 metre, additional two breakwater, 14 metre depth dredging work and many more works will be taken and the port will develop as a big cargo port.

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