Came out of home as Constitution and country in danger: Priyanka Gandhi

Source: ANI | Published on 18th March 2019, 11:17 PM | National News | Don't Miss |

PRAYAGRAJ: For many years I had been sitting at home, but I have come out because the country and the Constitution are in danger, said Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra here on Monday.

Talking to locals, Priyanka said: "The decision you will take in the ensuing elections will decide your children's future. Understand this carefully. I could have stayed back at home. For many years, I had been sitting at home. Why I have come out today? I have come out because the country is in danger. The Constitution of India is in danger."

"You have seen how the Congress party worked when it was in power at the Centre...The situation that we have today, was not there in the past 45 years. In the past 45 years, there was never a time when such fewer employment opportunities were there," she said.

Priyanka, who has been addressing various party events for some time now in Uttar Pradesh where 80 Lok Sabha seats are at stake, said that she was unhappy to see how politicians are made to stand on the stage, and the people are forced to sit on the floor.

"Wherever I am going, I am saying that this is a very bad habit you make a very huge stage, make the politician stand on it and you all sit on the floor. Change this habit. In a democracy, it is your right to ask for the solution to your problems," he said.

"The government is nobody's fiefdom. The country is nobody's fiefdom. Topics like religion and caste are raised only because the people's progress is not being ensured," said Priyanka.

Later while talking to media persons, Priyanka also took a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi's campaign to prefix 'Chowkidar' to his name on Twitter.

"It is his decision to put whatever he wants before his name. One farmer brother told me that 'Chowkidars' are for rich people. We farmers are our own Chowkidars," said Priyanka, also in-charge for the party's eastern UP affairs.

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