Bhatkal: Islamic New Year begins as Muharram crescent sighted

Source: S.O. News Service | By Sajjad Qazi | Published on 10th September 2018, 9:08 PM | Coastal News |

Bhatkal: The Qazis of Bhatkal on Monday evening announced that the crescent of Muharram-ul-Haram 1440 AH has been sighted in few places near Calicut in Kerala state.

The announcement was made following confirmation of sighting of crescent in Calicut. The Committee met here under the leadership of Jamaat Ul Muslimeen Bhatkal Qazi Maulana Muhammad Iqbal Mulla Nadvi and Khalifa Jamaat Ul Muslimeen Qazi Maulana  Khwaja Akrami Madani on Monday evening. Therefore, September 11th will be the 1st of Muharram in Bhatkal as well as in the parts of Coastal Karnataka including neighbouring state Kerala. Hence, it's the beginning of new Islamic Year 1440 Hijri.

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