An excuse from the public distress

Source: S.O. News Service | By Staff Correspondent | Published on 13th November 2016, 1:05 PM | Special Report |

8th November 2016, a day which is going to be marked in the history of our nation. Our respected PM decided to impose this rule over the public without any body's knowledge. Rs500 and Rs1000 currency notes will not be validated just after few hours. According to him, by doing this people dealing with black money were going to get effected. We have no idea about them, but the innocent public has surely been affected with this new order. People who have collected money from years for some of their desires like getting their children married or buying a house or any other heavy household stuff are the ones who are the victims. If they have an account and the amount is in the bank, it is still a relief. But can we just imagine the state of those individuals who have collected the amount slogging day and night for their personal needs and don’t even have an account in the bank?

Evening 8:00pm when PM was delivering his speech all the people in the  markets, squares,  corners, office's lanes and inside the houses got restless as how to save their savings. For a next few days the banks were also closed and the limit for withdrawal or deposits were also been reduced. Even after imposing this order there are possibilities of people with black money escaping through various means. Proceedings have to be taken against black money through certain surgical strikes by taking public into confidence. And while imposing this rule the public wasn't aware, so surely this step was just to disturb the public; it can also be called as anti-democratic.

Since this rule has already been imposed we shall have to see how much of the black money is going to be ceased and how much is this step going to fetch positive results. Another thought that has been put forward was that this step was only intended to disturb the common man and divert the public minds from the much talked about recent issues. Only time will tell the real story.

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