30 houses flooded in Kharviwada village Ankola

Source: DHNS | By Mohammed Ismail | Published on 14th June 2018, 2:02 PM | Coastal News | Don't Miss |

Karwar: Blocking of Nadibhang river mouth following high tides in Arabian Sea and deposition of sand has resulted to flooding of nearly 30 houses in Kharviwada village in Ankola taluk.

 In the wake of heavy rains from the past one week, rivers and streams in the district are over flowing and it is the same with Nandibhang River.

Rush of water into river and backwater have turned Kharvivada into an island and villagers have lost access to other part as the road has been submerged. If they want to reach nearby village or Ankola town for their needs, they have to pass through river water that comes till their chest level.

Rainwater from Vandige Hosagadde hill and many streams join Nadibhag river. The river joins Arabian Sea near Kharviwada village. During high-tide in sea, a large amount of sand is getting pushed to river mouth and blocks entry of river water into the sea. Though, villages along with fishermen remove the sand, but it has not yielded any result. In rainy seasons, Belekari panchayat used to remove sand, but this time they have not taken any action therefore river water pushed back and it has entered into houses and agriculture fields in the village.

 The villagers said panchayat staff opened the river mouth removing sand, but by evening, following high-tide, river water was blocked enter into the sea as again sand got deposited at river mouth. If there are any medical emergency, the villagers have to take patient in water that comes till chest.

 They have been demanding for permanent solution for the problem but no officer is bothered about their problem. Ankola tahsildar Ashok Shiggavi said they have been clearing river mouth when it was blocked by sand, but it is getting deposited due to high tides in the sea.

 Wednesday evening they have cleared the mouth and stored water at the village is almost cleared. They have sent report to higher officer to find out a permanent solution for the villagers’ problem, he added.

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